Per Month

  • Free 14-Day Trial
  • New Lessons Every Week
  • Interactive & Engaging
  • Games, Songs, & Rewards
  • Voiced Characters
  • Sound Effects & Music
  • 25-30 Minute Lessons

Free 14-Day Trial

After your 14 day trial period, you will be charged $4.99 monthly.

Star English Lessons provides the material for teachers or private tutors to teach in their classes. We do not provide students for teachers.

In the profile section of your account, you have the option to cancel your subscription. Make changes to or cancel your subscription at any time, ensuring you do so seven days before your payment date to make sure the automatic billing system has sufficient time to amend or deactivate your next payment. 

Once you are subscribed to Star English Lessons, you will have access to all lessons. Using third party video conferencing software such as ZOOM, you can share your screen with your student. Make sure to share the sound as well in order for the students to hear the audio.

Parents can also subscribe to Star English Lessons if they want access to the lessons to use privately. You can share the Demo Lesson link with the parents in order for them to demo the material or send up to 10 screenshots.

In order to protect the copyright of the material and prevent illegal sharing of content, Star English Lessons are not downloadable, but are easy to share through video conferencing apps such as ZOOM.