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About is an interactive ESL curriculum for kids. The curriculum follows the adventures of a witch named Penny and her little brother, Andy, as they travel around the world and to distant lands. Penny and her friends, from around the world, attend a magic elementary school where they learn about many different subjects, including English. In this fantasy word, animals talk and fanciful characters come to life.

All the lessons are gamified with interactive functions with lots of animations. The curriculum is structured and builds on previous knowledge as the lessons advance. The characters are voiced by American and Canadian actors.

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Star English Curriculum


Over 178 lessons currently available with new lessons released each week. Each unit contains 10 content lessons and 2 assessments lessons.

Lesson Content

Each lesson contains new vocabulary words, verbs, high frequency words, sentence structures, and phonics sounds.


Each lesson comes with downloadable homework print outs for the student to complete.


Unit 1 – Greetings & Feelings
Unit 2 – Colors
Unit 3 – Face & Senses
Unit 4 – Shapes
Unit 5 – Animals
Unit 6 – Numbers 1-10
Unit 7 – Weather
Unit 8– Household Items
Unit 9 – Clothes & Numbers 10-20
Unit 10 – Describing Toys
Unit 11 – The Beach
Unit 12 – Birthday & Fun


Unit 1 – Who Am I?
Unit 2 – Family & Home
Unit 3 – Friends & Toys
Unit 4 – Neighborhood & Transportation
Unit 5 – Food
Unit 6 – School
Unit 7 – Etiquette
Unit 8– Colors and Patterns
Unit 9 – Animals
Unit 10 – Feelings
Unit 11 – Seasons and Weather
Unit 12 – The U.S.A.

Level 1: Curriculum Outline

Alphabet Phonics
Short Vowel Phonics
Long Vowel Phonics
Consonant Blend Phonics
Letter Combination Phonics

Why Star English?

Voiced Characters

The characters in Star English Lessons are from around the world and students or teachers can activate the voiced dialogue with one click.

Interactive Curriculum

Gamified and interactive with buttons and triggers. Teachers can click on the screen to trigger animations, answers, rewards, voiced dialogue, and more.

Easy to Use

The format of Star English is easy to use and has built in player with many easy to use functions to enhance the learning and teaching experience.

Free 3-Day Trial

With our 3 day free trial, you can decide if Star English is the right fit for your classroom.

Online Class

Star English is designed for the modern age of online classes. With its built in players you can easily stream lessons through any virtual classroom.

Students Love It

Students can access the FREE interactive flashcards to practice their vocabulary or can sign up to practice outside of class too.


After your 7 day trial period, you will be charged $7.99 monthly. If there is a monthly price increase in the future, you will be grandfathered in at the price you originally signed up for, as long as your account is an actively paying account.

Star English Lessons provides the material for teachers or private tutors to teach in their classes. We do not provide students for teachers.

In the profile section of your account, you have the option to cancel your subscription. Make changes to or cancel your subscription at any time, ensuring you do so seven days before your payment date to make sure the automatic billing system has sufficient time to amend or deactivate your next payment. 

There are currently over 84 Level 1 Lessons and 25 Alphabet Phonics Level 0 lessons available, and 8 K1 lessons with new lessons being added each week. I plan to add levels 0, 2, and 3 as well as phonics in the coming months.

This depends on the video conferencing platform you are using. If you use ZOOM, the student will be able to draw on the screen using the “Annotate” function. If both the student and the teacher are using a computer, the teacher can enable the mouse share ability and the student can click on the screen.

Koala Go is the most interactive platform which allows students and teachers to drawn and click on the screen at the same time.

Yes, you have permission to use the Star English Lessons material in your classes on platforms such as Outschool, Allschool, iTalki, Preply, Cambly in private classes. The Star English Lessons logo must always visible and you must mention in your description that you use the Star English Lessons curriculum in your description. The Star English Lesson Curriculum may not be used for pre-recorded lessons.

Most of the lessons have downloadable homework. I am currently working on adding homework for each lesson. The homework is located UNDER each lesson as a PDF download link.

The Star English Lessons website servers are located in the USA. Load times will be faster for people located within the USA and North America.

Please open lessons before your classes to allow ample load times. Each lesson is up to 2GB and can take 1-10 minutes to load completely on your computer, depending on your internet speed and location. After you load the lesson once, your computer stores a cache which will allow it to load the lesson quicker in the future.

If you load a lesson and refresh the page and the images are not appearing correctly, please clear your cache on your computer.

Once you are subscribed to Star English Lessons, you will have access to all lessons. Using third party video conferencing software such as ZOOM, Classin, Koala Go, or Voov, you can share your screen with your student. Make sure to share the sound as well in order for the students to hear the audio. Please load lessons before your classes begin as lessons can sometimes take a couple minutes to load properly, depending on your internet speed.

Parents can also subscribe to Star English Lessons if they want access to the lessons to use privately. You can share the Demo Lesson link with the parents in order for them to demo the material or send up to 10 screenshots.

In order to protect the copyright of the material and prevent illegal sharing of content, Star English Lessons are not downloadable, but are easy to share through video conferencing apps such as ZOOM.

Star English Lessons are compatible with ZOOM, ClassIn, Koala Go, Voov, and any other video conferencing platform that has a share screen function. There have been some reports with ClassIn Mac users having some limited functionality within the ClassIn browser.

You are allowed to take 10 screenshots to use for advertising purposes and the Star English Lessons logo must be clearly visible. You must mention somewhere in the description that you are using the curriculum. You are not allowed to post the Star English Lessons curriculum on YouTube for monetization

Students should be able to read and sound out all the letters of the alphabet. Students should know around 300-500 vocabulary words such as animals, colors, and feelings. Students should be able to formulate simple sentences such as “This is a cat.” The should have some minor reading ability for three letter words such as: cat, dog, sit.

Please check your email for a verification email after sign up. Your account will not be active until you verify your email. Please check your SPAM folder if it cannot be found in your normal inbox.

The students cannot access the lessons without a subscription, but they are able to access the free flashcards to review the vocabulary words for each unit.

Star English Lessons does not allow it’s lessons to be posted on YouTube or to be used in pre-recorded video classes.

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