Built-in Games

Interactive games built into every lesson to help keep students engaged and eager to learn. Fun games include: Spin the Wheel, Whack-A-Mole, Make a Sentence, Memory, Word Unscramble, and many more.


Built-in Songs

Each lesson contains a “Hello” and “Goodbye” song curtailed to the lesson’s theme and set to the tune of traditional children’s songs. Chords are provided for teachers who want to play a long.


Built-in Rewards

Each lesson contains 5 dedicated built in reward slides to highlight student’s achievement and progress throughout the lesson. Each slide contains a reward buttons to activate a reward on the slide.



Each lesson includes printable PDF homework and worksheets for each lesson that well help students apply their knowledge and review past lesson content.

Downloadable & Interactive


Each level contains printable flashcards and interactive flashcards for students to use outside of class to help review the vocabulary for each unit.



Each Level One lesson features four vocabulary words, one verb, one high frequency word, 2-4 sentence structures, phonics sounds and some math.



Per Month

  • Free 3 Day Trial
  • New Lessons Every Month
  • Interactive & Engaging
  • Games, Songs, & Rewards
  • Voiced Characters
  • Sound Effects & Music
  • 25-40 Minute Lessons
  • Over 178 A1 lessons
  • Interactive Flashcards
  • Homework

Free 3-Day Trial

About The Creator

Leah has been travelling around the world teaching English for over 9 years. She’s worked in public schools teaching English in South Korea, Japan, and Spain and has been teaching online since 2018. She enjoys bringing music into the classroom and believes music can be a great motivator for language learning.

Once she entered the realm of private tutoring, she was disappointed with the lack of interactive lessons and available for teachers and decided to create an Online ESL Kids curriculum that was fun and engaging for students.

She wanted to create gamified lessons that would motivate young learners to stay engaged in class while having fun learning. She has had great success with her lessons in her own classroom and she hopes Star English Lessons will bring a little magic into your own classroom.

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